Academic & Staff Development Committee

Academic and Staff Development Committee


ASDC Committee Members

Chief coordinator:   Ms. Wong Hiu Tung (VP)

Coordinator:            Mr. Kwan Siu Ming (AVP)

Chairpersons:         Ms. Lee Shuk Fan*, Mr. Lam Wai Kin

Members:                Mr. Chan Sau Yin

                                Mr. Chan Tsz To

    Ms. Cheng Sau Chun

    Ms. Cheng Yuen Ling

    Ms. Chow May Tak

    Ms. Lam Ka Yan

    Ms. Li Man Yee

    Mr. Yeung Kwok Fun

    Ms. Yip Yan Yan 

    Ms. Yuen Ho Kwan


    1. To develop the school language policy. To build an English-rich learning atmosphere at school for the enhancement of the English standard of the students.
    2. To enable subject departments and committees of the school to adapt to the school language policy.
    3. To plan academic exchange programs.
    4. To enhance teachers’ professional development.
    5. To unite the teaching staff, provide opportunities to exchange different points of views, and establish and enhance the support network between staff.
    6. To form the bridge between PLK Vicwood K.T. Chong Sixth Form College and PLK Tong Nai Kan Junior Secondary College.
    7. To introduce new ideas in education to staff for inspiration for continuous personal professional development.
    8. To assist new staff in adapting to the environment and understand the school culture.
    9. To organize joint school activities for promoting a better learning environment for STEAM education.
    10. To care for the physical and mental health of colleagues.

Key Tasks in Year 2021/22


Key tasks

Language Support Team (Language Policy)

1. Coordinate the implementation of school language

2. Coordinate educational video clips produced by subjects for introducing subject knowledge in English.

3. Help proofread school website information, external publications, etc.

Academic Exchange Team

  1. Organise sister school visit (China-Hong Kong Academic Exchange Program)
  1. Ningbo No.15 Middle School 寧波市第十五中學
  2. Shenzhen Guangzu Middle School 深圳市坪山新區光祖中學
  1. Receive visits from sister school / other schools 
  2. Joint School Study Tour (Germany, Summer 2022)
  • PLK Tong Nai Kan Junior Secondary College
  • PLK Ma Kam Ming Secondary School
  • PLK Chee Jing Yin Primary School
  • PLK Castar Primary School
  1. Produce videos related to study tours for Campus TV
  2. Organize the Intercultural Exchange Programme (AFS)

STEAM Education Development Team

1. Hold joint-school STEAM motorboats competitions (Sham Shui Po District) 

2. Collaborate with STEM Task Force in internal activities related to STEM Education

Staff Union

  1. Coordinate welfare and activities for staff members

Staff Development Team

  1. Organize Staff Development Day and other professional training for staff.
  1. National Security Education workshop
  2. Green School Activity
  3. SEN Workshop
  4. Joint-school Fun Fun Day
  5. Joint-school Staff Development Day
  6. Inter-school Lesson Observation

2. Professional Exchange Month

3. Organize and arrange iBooks and Education videos


Professional Development Record Management

4. Lesson observation arrangement

5. Mutual lesson planning sessions

6. Collect and compile statistics of staff development hours (TCPD Record)

7. Dissemination of information related to professional development



8. Arrange various elections

  1. Teacher Managers of the Incorporated Management Committee (IMC)
  2. Other elections of professional bodies

9. Teacher Induction Scheme (New Staff Orientation and other related activities)

10. Arrange subject and committee meeting schedule

11. Manage Teachers’ references corner