School Events

Life wide Learning Day- Hong Kong Association of Youth Development

Students of 1C, 1D and 1E had a discipline and moral training course on Life-wide Learning Day. They were required to participate in various activities in order to develop discipline and moral virtues. They also needed to learn how to take care of themselves and co-operate with each other through group work and activities such as preparing the lunch.

Students from class 1C were doing reflection with the instructor after participating in all the activities

PTA AGM 2014-2015

The PTA Annual General Meeting was held on 6th November 2014. New PTA committee members of the year 2014-2015 were elected.

The participants are enjoying the buffet dinner.

Life-wide Learning Day- Science Park

Students visited Hong Kong Science Park during the InnoCarnival month. Students could enjoy and learn from more than 800 activities, displays, workshops and seminars.

Students are showing an avid interest in the new electrical car

Trip to Zhaoqing

The trip to Zhaoqing aimed at providing a learning experience for students to deepen their understanding of the history, culture, customs, urban/rural developments as well as nature conservation of the Guangdong Province, and its relationship with Hong Kong.

Students on the bus keen to set off

Halloween Activity Day

The Halloween Activity Day was held to provide opportunities for students to play different English language games and dress up in Halloween costumes to indulge in the spooky atmosphere. To further enhance the English speaker atmosphere, two native speakers were invited to play thematic games with students. English ambassadors organized some interesting booth games and carried buckets of candies to give as treats to our students who spoke with them in English. Students enjoyed the day very much.

The winner of the ‘Candies Guessing’ game next to two smiling teachers being lucky enough to take the huge cylinder of candies home

Life-wide Learning Day - English Day Camp (2P,A,B)

All students from classes 2P, 2A and 2B joined the half-day English Camp on the school Life-wide Learning Day on 7th November, 2014. We aimed at providing a relaxed and enjoyable English learning environment for students to use and enhance their English skills. The interactive activities not only improved their English skills but also their interpersonal skills, and proved a real hit with students.

Models were competing to win 'the most fashionable costume' award.

Life-wide Learning Day - PE Boxing

The classes 3E and 3F girls joined a boxing workshop promoted by the Hong Kong Boxing Association (HKBA) and the School and Community Development Programme. The workshop provided the students with an excellent opportunity to learn more about the sport and an understanding of a ring sport. The students thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and the chance to try the sport of boxing.

3E & 3F students are posing for a photo with the coach, Mr Soho.

Civic Education Singing Contest 2014

The School Choir participated in the 2014 Sham Shui Po Civic Education Singing Contest on 17 October, 2014. This is the third time we have participated in this competition. We are glad to announce that the team has won the Third Runner-up Award.

Student representatives received certificates from our Principal, who is also the Vice-Chairperson of the Sham Shui Po Civic Education Committee.